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Looking forward to seeing you perform in Wisconsin....

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/01/2015

We're looking forward to it as well! See you soon! :D :D

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I know I already asked a long question and a silly question. Here I want to request if you can play some of the music I like, You probably figured out I like guitar music, too. and I know your genera include movies, rock, carols; So, from an ooooold movie "Forbidden Games" I believe the original in French is "Jeux Interdits" Narciso Yépez plays his arrangement (my favorite) of the anonymous Romance, many people get into guitar after listening Romance for the first time and they would love even more played on harp.
"Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg sounds a little like rock, too, and has being played on movies The Social Network" for instance. There is an arrangement for guitar on the UK magazine Guitar Techniques 197 November 2011.
From the 2010 movie "The Way" directed by Emilio Estevez the group Berrogüetto plays Nadal de Luintra which is a Spanish carol.
For the next time you go to Paraguay, if you play "Pájaro Campana" they will adore you almost as much as I do. xo

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/01/2015
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Hi ladies. First of all thank you so much for replying to me and other fans on all your medias, for showing us your talent as harpists and for just being an honor for me to be a fan of. I'm Aaron Light on Facebook, by the way. So I'm a harpist as well. I've been playing for just under a year and plan to mainly play Celtic and medieval music on a Celtic harp. While I do not expect you to remember, you may remember that I told you on Facebook that I had my second performance yesterday (New years eve). I was getting quite nervous at it to the point of my hands shaking, which led to stumbling a little when playing (fortunately people still enjoyed it).

I was wondering if you ladies, as experienced professionals, get nervous at performances and if so how you deal with it? Also, if you had any advice for an advanced beginner harpist I would be grateful if you were willing to share?

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/01/2015
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