Camille and Kennerly

Since you have admitted that you CAN, and DO sing, and do it well.... MIGHT there be a chance that "every once in a while", at the end of a piece, you might (as you already have for several) add an "Easter Egg", or Treat"?

And, since you have admitted to being able to play the piano, MIGHT there be a Harp / Piano Duet possible sometime???????

And since you can play the Harp and the Piano... I wonder... is there any hope of maybe borrowing a HARPSICHORD, and doing a piece, or duet with that? (I am a crazy old man who loves the sound of a harpsichord. And 2 of my other favourite singers, Lady Gaga and The History Teachers have used one...) So I am sure you could do an awesome duet with that!

Lastly, if one begged, might you cover an old song, by Nena... 99 Red Balloons (On the Harps, of course!)

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/19/2015

We have received SO many requests, that we will likely keep adding in a bit of singing here and there on some videos for our fans! If you haven't seen it already, we just posted a brand new video today, that features some singing by both of us! :) :)
Yes, we are classically trained pianists, and maybe someday we'll add some piano into a video someday!
We have never played the Harpsichord before, so that would be interesting! ;) ;)
And lastly, thank you for the song request. We will continue to try to cover our most requested songs/artists!

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