Camille and Kennerly

I have seen on a few of your videos, you two were using the pedals on the large Harp..what do the pedals do??? Also do you pluck the harp or do you strum it like a guitar??? I noticed a red string..what is that for?..I am not a Harp expert so maybe you two lovely Ladies can answer my questions. Keep up the good work Ladies, Hope to have you play here in LA someday....You two are very talented..Keep it up ...cant wait for your next video......

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/20/2015

Very observant! Our concert grand harps have 7 pedals each. The pedals change the pitches of the strings. Each string can be 3 different pitches (flat, natural, and sharp). So, for instance there is a C pedal that changes all of the pitches of the C strings. The red strings are Cs and the black strings are Fs. All of the other strings are white. Harps are very complicated! haha And we pluck the strings individually.
Thank you for your sweet support!

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