Camille and Kennerly

Thank you for you music and where do you shoot your videos, they are some beautiful spots. I just touched base with ur music and talked with you two last nite, thank u for responding to me, I am a fan of your music and will be spreading your sound. Keep up the good work. Jim

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/21/2015

Hey Jim! We are so happy that you "found" our music and us! Thank you very much for sharing our music! All of our videos have been filmed in the US. We work really hard to find the perfect location for each of our videos. We film most of our videos while we are on the road for performances. Sometimes we have to wait a long time before we are in the right area for a specific location that we want to film. It's a huge challenge doing everything ourselves for our videos and music, but we love it! :D :D Hugs to you, x2!

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