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First, I want to say how much I really enjoy your music! Second, I have a question about your acoustic Harpsicles, I have been playing the harp since this past September and started with a Harpsicle and now also have a L&H Prelude 40. Anyway, are you using the standard nylon strings that come with it or did you change them out for something else? I bought mine used and it is at least 7 years old and still has the original strings and it sounds a little bit tinky or something not the richer sound heard in recordings of others and nowhere near as nice as yours! I am trying to figure out if it is because of the strings or because of the old style design.

Thank you in advance and I wish you luck in showing the world what the harp can do!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 05/06/2015

Thanks so much for enjoying our music!
That is awesome that you have a Harpsicle and an L&H Prelude. Our first harps were used Preludes! :) :) We loved them.
Yes, we are using the original strings on our Harpsicles Harps, but ours are relatively new. We would definitely suggest looking into changing your strings. We change the strings on our harps every 1.5-2 years. This usually improves the sounds tremendously for us. We have not yet changed out the strings on our Harpsicles. We also suggest contacting Harpsicle, telling them the sound issues you are having, and ask them for their recommendations. The team there is so helpful and they could probably sell you a new set for your harp, and maybe even instructions for how to best change them. We would also recommend tuning your harps as regularly as you can. Keeping harps in tune is good for them and will help improve the overall sound over time. Good luck with everything and happy harping! :D :D xoxo

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