Camille and Kennerly

Hi girls. I hope you're doing well.
I have always wanted to ask a professional musician this: Was there a specific moment when you realized that you were accomplished enough as musicians to be able to make it your profession rather than just a side project? I'm sure you always wanted to be musicians, but did you ever have any other jobs?

Camille and Kennerly responded on 05/17/2015

We decided while in high school taking college level music theory courses that we wanted to pursue being a professional harp duo as our career path. We knew it would take a tremendous amount of work but we loved performing and playing harp together, so we decided to do whatever it took to get there. When we had completed 2 years of courses toward our music degrees at our local community college, we transferred to a conservatory of music to get our Bachelor of Music degrees specializing in Harp Performance. While in school, we took as many gigs as possible to start building our resume. So, by the time we graduated from college, we already had a solid resume and began performing full-time. We have never had any other profession, but while in middle school, we had many odd jobs to earn money for our first harps. Then in high school and college we worked as developmental therapists for autistic children help with putting ourselves through college. :) :)

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