Camille and Kennerly

How do you two georgous girls stay fit and at what age did you learn how to play an amazing instrument and what inspired you two to learn that?

Camille and Kennerly responded on 09/20/2015

We have always loved working out and staying active and fit. We swam competitively when we were young and we are 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do. We love hiking and working out. :) :) We also play very large harps strapped to our bodies and haul around very, very large harps on a regular basis! ;) ;) We started playing harp in middle school after we had already been playing piano for years. We were both really drawn to the beauty of the harp. It’s always seemed like a magical instrument for us. However, it took us a while to convince our mom that we were serious about learning the harp. We had to show that we were serious by earning some of the money ourselves. We babysat, walked dogs, and did office work to earn the money for our first harps, which were pre-owned L&H Preludes.

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