Camille and Kennerly

Hello Camille & Kennerly! Your videos are amazing and so nicely done!! It's so great that you ladies interact with us folks who really do appreciate your talents and get to share your journey. As a drummer, I really do love all types of music & the way you two mix it up is fantastic!! I live in Western Canada...hoping you do some shows out this way...if you ever need a Do your parents play any instruments? Cheers & have a great holiday season! Ken :)

Camille and Kennerly responded on 12/27/2015

Hey Ken! We're so happy that you enjoy our music and videos! We would love to perform in Western Canada! We currently go where we're hired to perform. Many of our public performances come from fans contacting their local venue, festival, con, fair, concert series, etc, and requesting that they bring us in to perform! :) :) We'll also continue updating our email newsletter with public performances, so please stay tuned!
No, our parents don't play any instruments. We desperately wanted to play the harp, so we earned the money for our first harp ourselves by dog-walking, babysitting, odd office jobs, etc! :) :)

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