Camille and Kennerly

HI! Is there a wait list I can get on for the PA/Ohio tickets? I live on the east coast of PA and this is the closest event I have seen on your schedule. Thanks so much!


Camille and Kennerly responded on 02/02/2016

Thank you so much for your interest in seeing us perform in your area! We are sorry that the tickets sold out so fast for our western PA show that you were not able to get tickets. There is not currently a waiting list because the event host gave us a limit on the seats that are available in their home. However, we will update that FB event and our FB page if for some reason more tickets are available. We are hoping to schedule another event in PA, hopefully in the eastern PA area, so please stay tuned for news on that! :) :) In the meantime, if you have a direct connection to a venue or event that would be willing to host a concert/provide a free venue for us to have a free or low-cost public concert (e.g. School, Church, community center, VFW, American Legion, etc) let us know or email HarpTwins(at) Thank you so much for your sweet support of our music and us!

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