Camille and Kennerly

Is the Harp strung like a piano? Similar to the white and black keys?
Is it strumming or plucking?
Are there other twins in your (extended) family?

Camille and Kennerly responded on 02/29/2016

1) Many people think that a harp is just a piano turned on its side, but it’s much different than that. The red strings are C strings and the black strings are Fs. Each string can be 3 different pitches on our pedal harps and 2 pitches on our electric lever harps. We move the pedals and levers to change the pitch of the strings (flat to natural, natural to sharp, etc). We can set the pedal harps to any key, but we have to change the pedals in order to have accidentals. So we often are changing pedals/levers while we are playing. The lever harps can be in most keys, but we have to re-tune the strings for some keys. :) :) If we change a wrong pedal/lever then we are not capable of playing the right notes, so we have to be very careful!
2) We can pluck and strum! But we mostly pluck.
3) Identical twins don’t run in families, but fraternal twins do. :) :) So, we’re just a random anomaly! ;) ;)

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