Camille and Kennerly

Hey Kennerly and Camille, I would like to know if you guys also give performances. Because then I would like to come watch the show sometimes!
Sincerely, you do make beautiful music! Lots and lots of respect for you ladies!! I heard that you guys make everything yourself? That tough!

Besides, still thanks for making my day! I found you today on youtube. I have quite a few nasty days behind me. You ladies have made me happy again! Thnks for that!!

Lots of love, Robert Jan de Weerd

Camille and Kennerly responded on 09/28/2016

Hi Robert! Thanks so much for your sweet comment and support! Yes, we perform as our job in our "real life". :) :) We post about public concerts on Facebook and create "events": and we also notify about public performances through our e-newsletter. Many of our public performances come from fans recommending us as performers. So please recommend us as a musical guest to your local festival, fair, convention, university, concert series, etc. When we have the resources to schedule our own tour, we will!

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