Camille and Kennerly

Hello Girls! I`m Juan :D
Err.. I`m contact with U.S embassy from Uruguay, and They question very costs of you. I dont know, They spoke what the found request is between 5.000 and 10.000 dollars but, I dont know the cost of travel and more :/
Help me please! I like see you in Uruguay anyday, I saw in Argentina (anime legends) and I never forget this concert, i``m not arrive just in time for Meet and greet :(
Sorry for my english and my desesperation. Thanks for read it! :D

Camille and Kennerly responded on 10/12/2016

Hi Juan, We're not sure what the costs would be because the majority of the expenses are flights and hotel, but we could respond to any questions they have via email: We can then also put them in contact with the US Embassy in Paraguay so that they can give recommendations. etc. :) :) The US Embassy in Paraguay said they can be in contact with any embassy in South America who would like to bring us in and would need advice and help. We would love to perform in Uruguay! Thanks for your interest and support!

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