Camille and Kennerly

You're Simply Amazing! I didn't have a chance to look through all your questions, so I apologize if I ask something you already have answered. You play together so well, do you ever collaborate with other musicians? Where are you located? I'm in Santa Fe, NM and would love to ask a local event to reach out to you.

Camille and Kennerly responded on 11/14/2016

Thanks for your support! We're based in Chicago, but we travel and perform full-time (including all over the US). Many of our public performances come from fans recommending us as performers. So please recommend us as a musical guest to your local festival, fair, convention, venue, school, library, church, university, community college, club, etc. We post about any public performances on Facebook (and create "events": and we also notify about public performances through our e-newsletter. :) :)

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