Camille and Kennerly

Dear Camille and Kennerly,
I've realized you twins wear new clothes every new show or new video - very beautiful clothes and acessories! How do you make all these? And what do you do with so many clothes used only once?

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/10/2017

If you watch our videos carefully and look at our performance photos, you will see that almost every item of clothing is in multiple videos and performance outfits. For most of our videos, we just re-combine things that we already have in a new way! For example, we had an old white collared shirt (from when we were kids) that we cut off the sleeves for our Rikku costume. We then wore the sleeveless shirt for our Silent Hill video and under the sweaters in our Harry Potter video. Another example is the boots in our "Fear of the Dark" video - those have been worn in 12 videos! If you watch carefully you will be able to spot a LOT more examples! :D :D Sometimes we also make (or alter) pieces that we need! Also sometimes fans make us costume pieces that we incorporate into our videos. For example, the dresses in our Ice Queen video were made by Ellen of Kaleidoscope Wear and they will appear in future videos, too! We don't need to spend much money for costumes - just some clever planning!

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