Camille and Kennerly

I love you girls since i found you on YouTube. I follow your Instagram, my IG is ( slsjediknight ) As you can see I'm a huge Star Wars fan so i love your cover of the theme. Who had the idea about your Rock Harp? I think it was a wild idea and love it. I will be seeing you girls in Mass this year and feel like I'm receiving the Christmas gift i always wanted. Have fun and please keep Rock Harping.

Camille and Kennerly responded on 02/12/2017

Thanks so much for your support! We were trained classically and have degrees in Harp Performance from a Conservatory of Music, but we started to arrange the types of music that we love listening to - rock, classic rock, metal, and soundtrack music. We love going where no harps have gone before! :D :D We look forward to seeing you at our concert! \m/\m/

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