Camille and Kennerly

Hi Camille!! Hi Kennerly!!! ?. I love your musics and covers. My favorite is "Vikings theme" (if I had a heart). A little question... what did you do when the bear came? ?. I'm very curious to hear your next musics. Do you know Roberta Campos? She is a brazilian singer... There is a beautiful song called "minha felicidade" (my happiness)... I believe it would look beautiful on a harp solo. Do you like a foot massage? It should be great to have a massage for you after wearing high heels hehe. What instruments do you play besides harp? Finaly (sorry for the many questions)... what are your opinions about the last Oscar?
Hugs ladies ??

Camille and Kennerly responded on 03/27/2017

Thanks for your support of our music!
We had just started our first take when the bear came up! It bit our harp case and didn't leave until we had yelled at it for a while. It then went down a ways and was swimming in the water while we were filming! It was quite scary to be that close to a dangerous animal!
We're also classically trained in piano, we play a bit of percussion and we occasionally sing. :) :)
We didn't watch the Oscars. Sorry!

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