Camille and Kennerly

Very anxious to see you in Marysville. I am an older age fan and I am bringing 3 of my adoptive daughters to see you. My question is about some of the filming locations in your videos. The abandoned theatre, hotel and other locations are amazing. Where are these filmed? Can't wait to see you guys very soon in marysville.

Camille and Kennerly responded on 05/28/2017

Thanks so much for your sweet support! We had a wonderful time performing in Marysville and we hope to be back some day soon! :) :) Many of our locations are filmed through special agreement. We post our locations if we have permission from the owner to publically provide that information. Then we include the info under or on the video (i.e. Run to the Hills, Mario Medley, Deep Purple, Stairway to Heaven, Phantom of the Opera, Ghost Riders In The Sky, Scarborough Fair, Downton Abbey, Crazy Train, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Rhiannon, Silent Lucidity, White Wedding) Other times we are asked to protect the location for privacy, liability, special arrangement, etc. Sending

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