Camille and Kennerly

Interesting that you are performing in Colebrook, NH. Just curious, but why would you do just this single concert here in the East? We live in Albany, NY and Colebrook is many miles to our Northeast... Closer to Sherbrooke, QC actually. So, just wondering why? And, can we expect you to come to NY sometime? BTW You both play beautifully. Thanks! :-)

Camille and Kennerly responded on 06/08/2017

We currently go where we're hired or booked to perform. A concert series is bringing us to Colebrook for their summer concert series. :) :) We were actually out east in May for concerts in MA and NH! Many of our public shows come from fans recommending us as performers, so please contact your local concert series, festival, fair, convention, university, community college, etc., and ask them to bring us in to perform :) :) We create Facebook "events" for all public shows, so please check here often: and we also notify about public performances through our e-newsletter. :) :) Thanks for your support! Hugs, x2

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