Camille and Kennerly

Do you can make cover a few songs of the Russian rock band - King and Jester? original name - Король и Шут. - name is Forester (Лесник) - Happiness (Счастье)
Unfortunately, this group did not become, its soloist is died, but remained in the hearts of his fans. If you performed at least one song, you could introduce your fans to Russian creativity, and you would be recognized among Russian-speaking.
And it can be cool!!!)) And yet, in 2018 there will be a football championship, if you go and will be in Samara city, you know, now I'm writing you from there)) sorry for bad English))
Good, happiness, good luck!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 10/07/2017

Thank you for the input! We keep a list and try to cover the most requested songs/artists. We have a lot of new music coming, so please stay tuned. :) :) Thanks for your support!

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