Camille and Kennerly

I've asked before, via You Tube. Have you spent anytime contemplating the late great Keith Emerson's ( of ELP fame) work "Close to Home"? I truly believe that this could be both an important and amazing addition to your catalogue. As it is primarily a piano piece, I think that it would survive the adaptation to 2 Harps quite well. I figure that you wait for MANY different people to request a song, before you work it up. So since others don't seem to be clamoring for this, I challenge you by repeating my request for it, again and again. Tell me you have least LISTENED to it, and contemplated the possibilities?????
FYI, I have made comments on YouTube vids, that you have bothe responded to, and liked, and most recently even HEARTED! I really am a fan, and if there is some reason why this song can't be a hit for you two, if you let me know, then I will stop bothering you about it. Thanks, Jason

Camille and Kennerly responded on 10/07/2017

Hi Jason! Thanks for your kind comment and support! We have listened to the song. We're not sure if we'll ever cover it, but one never knows! We have a huge list of things that we would like to cover. Many thanks for your continued support! :) :)

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