Camille and Kennerly

I make mobile games for a cure and support the childrens hospital i have followed you guys for years and woulf love to make a mobile game of you 2 cartoon style featuring your music and Harps!
All proceeds would go to a charity of choice or stay with the hospital.
All you would have to do is share it!!!
Please check out some of my work and think about it.
Blood drop pop
It features my son who has a rare blood disorder only 700 people in the world have so it raises awareness and also all proceeds go to fund the bone marrow transplant unit...
If curious we can talk more.
I am not a big company just a disabled father with a passion yo help.
I also so you guys when you came to Edmonton and hope you come back to Alberta soon.
Thanks for your time.

Camille and Kennerly responded on 11/02/2017

Thanks for your sweet post and interest! We don't currently have a way to license out our music for other projects because we pay to license it ourselves and that licensing only applies to our own projects. However, we wish you the best with your endeavor! It's wonderful that you are working towards helping people! We hope to be back in Alberta some day soon!

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