Camille and Kennerly

Hi, love all your music and appreciate all the hard work you must put into each video!  I was just wondering how you choose was music to cover?  Like the Star Wars and Lord of the rings medley for example. Do you genuinely like those properties or do you do them because of popularity or are they chosen because they are very compatible with the harp? I was just kind of curious at your song picking process. Thnx!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 11/02/2017

We're so glad that you enjoy our music. We choose songs/music that we love. :) :) We're fans of everything that we cover. We're huge Tolkien fans, which is why we have posted 3 different Middle Earth themed videos. It has been recommended to us by many "professionals" that we cover more pop music because that is what does well on YouTube. However, we will continue to stay true to ourselves and continue to post the music that we love! :) :) We also keep a list and try to cover the most requested songs/artists. Thanks for your support!

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