Camille and Kennerly

Hi, love all your work! I defiantly want to purchase some of your music and my question is what is the best way that gives the most money back to you? I'm willing to pick up the cds or the Digital, I just want to make sure you two benefit the most from my purchase! Also, just interested in why you left off you singing for the audio version of the Lord of the Rings medley? I thought that was an amazing way to end the video!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 11/04/2017

Thanks for your sweet support! Our distributer is CD Baby, so that is the best site for us (physical or digital albums). Here are the links:
Harp Attack (rock and metal covers):
Harp Attack 2 (rock and metal covers):
Harp Fantasy (movie/TV, anime, & video game covers):
Harp Fantasy 2 (movie/TV, anime, & video game covers):

For a limited time, we're also autographing and shipping out CDs ourselves (and including a Holiday card!). You can find those here:

We're so glad that you enjoy our singing! We have quite a bit of singing on our new Winter Lights holiday CD. :) :)

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