Camille and Kennerly

Hello from the great white north Ladies,
I have been quite 'addicted' laying back and absorbing your jaw-dropping performances on YouTube for quite some time now...only thing is, I'm showing my age more and more through the passing years!
I wanted to order further Harp Twins merchandise - they make for an awesome 'walking billboard' - but I'm kind of lost finding the merchandise prompt; can you point me in the right direction, please?
Thank you in advance.
Keep those strings resonating, your feet working the pedals with ease , and your fingers do what they do so well!!!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 11/04/2017

Thank you! We're so glad that you enjoy our music! :D :D
You can find our merch here (2 pages):
For a limited time we even have autographed CDs available there. All orders from our store come with a signed holiday card from us (through the holiday season)! :D :D Thanks for your support! You're the berries!

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