Camille and Kennerly

1st off love your music, vids & live show. Purchased Winter Lights. Are both the new electro/acoustic and concert harps used? Quality is nice. There seems to be a low freq feedback on 1st song, but only that song. I have 2 of your other cds and can definitely hear when the electronic harps are used, not as warm, but sound great live. Oh, luv SIGNED Christmas card. Thanx!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 12/24/2017

Thank you so much! We're glad to hear that you enjoy Winter Lights! Most of the tracks were recorded using our Acoustic Concert Grand harps, but a couple were recorded using our Electric harps. :) :) The only track that we have released that was recorded on our new Electro-Acoustic Concert Grand harps is Fade to Black on YouTube.

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