Camille and Kennerly

i wonder if you ever though of making an version of
(even when i dont have an clue how it will turn out with just harp music with some singing)

After forever, Equally destructive
extreme, Hole hearted
boy meet girl, waiting for a star to fall
the shadows, riders in the sky
(another song i only know the lyrics inside the book Dragonsinger from Anne McCaffrey never ever saw it perfrom live. hope i can hear your version someday with it (who knows maybe if you catual do an good job you can get inside an movie they are trying to make about dragonriders as harpers (harpers are teachers who use music to learn students)

will try to come to watch the show in england (hope i can manage to get an early holiday from work to crosover to UK

well i think you both would like the youtube video (Grayling would like it for sure) (ritterschlag)

greetings from Holland loves your songs and singing

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/27/2018

Thank you for your support and input! We keep a list and try to cover the most requested songs/artists. We have a lot of new music coming, so please stay tuned! We would love to see you at one of our concerts in England! The tickets are selling quickly! So please make sure to get your ticket early if you plan to attend!

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