Camille and Kennerly

Hello Ladies,
Stumbled on your u-tube vids by accident watching the spoon lady. Incredible music and musicians. See you are from Chicago. Grew up in Springfield area long before your time and retired in Ark now. Hope this will get me e-mail info on upcoming concerts. Love to see you live. Keep up the incredible work. You are both a pleasure to listen to and watch.
Dan pratt

Camille and Kennerly responded on 03/16/2018

Hi Dan! So glad that you found us and enjoy our music! Yes, we will keep our e-mail newsletter updated with public concerts! Many of our public shows come from fans recommending us as performers, so please contact your local concert series, festival, fair, Comic Con, convention, university, community college, library, etc., and ask them to bring us in to perform :) :) Please also stay tuned to our Facebook "events" for all public shows: We hope to see you at a future concert! Hugs, x2

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