Camille and Kennerly

Hi from France (once more, Stephane), dear Camille and Kennerly, I'm always amazed by your harp art. I imagine you are very busy, but do you know if you will come in France for a (big) concert and/or on a french tv show ? There are many occasions for people with your talent.
Thank you very much, few days after I discovererd your life, I didn't expected you were so famous (I'm like a wide "Robin Hood" in my boonies). I enjoy listen to you and, of course, watching my favorite "angel harp twins" and certainely very good "guardian angels" (taekwando ;-) ). I read a lot of goog things about your personnalities, proud of you sisters in Jesus-Christ, what you did/do for young people and others is very nice.
So nothing else to say, except GOD BLESS YOU. (I think it hardely became a reality in your life since 2008)
If you come in France, remember, it would be an honor to meet the most lovely twins in the world... cause of your harp art as well as your prettiness. Sincerely, Stephane.

Camille and Kennerly responded on 05/08/2018

Hi Stephane! Thanks for your kind words and support! We would love to have the opportunity to perform in France some day! Please share our music with your friends so that we can grow our fan base there. :) :) We cherish your support! Blessings, x2

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