Camille and Kennerly

Hello Lovely Ladies!
I have been a fan for a couple of years now. Recently, I became very ill and had to spend over three weeks in the hospital. During that time, your videos have become my greatest source for inspiration and comfort. A number of people (friends and nursing saff alike) have asked me who was playing that beautiful music and I gladly shared your information with them. Thank you!
I love your taste in musical selections but after watching so many wonderful videos I noticed a gap. I have always been a big Beatles fan, in part, because it is so versatile and I'm wondering if there is a specific reason why you haven't selected one of their songs to play?
Perhaps you have and I've somehow missed it. If not, please consider performing one. 'She's Leaving Home' comes to mind because it actually starts with a harp intro. 'In My Life' is another song that I think would sound beautiful on harp. There is a vast variety to choose from.
Just a thought.
Thanks for what you do!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 06/21/2018

We're so sorry to hear of your recent illness, but it makes our hearts smile to know that our music has been a source of inspiration! We're honored! We're not sure if you saw it, but our most recent cover was "Norwegian Wood" by The Beatles! Also, one of our oldest videos on our channel is "All You Need Is Love" (The Beatles): :) :) We've now covered 2 Beatles songs and perhaps we'll post more in the future! Stay strong! Sending love, prayers, and hugs to you, x2!

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