Camille and Kennerly

How do you describe your vision for what you want to do? I love all of your songs and videos. They are amazing! You looks, outfits, shoes, dances, every movement. I love your voices. I love North and all of your original songs.

And, I love your behind the scenes videos, the bloopers, and the process of bringing everything together.

I would love to see clips of you working in your studio, writing a song through different stages of creation through final production, the video, the live performance, all of that.

And, we want to see some of your mom! I want to see her behind the scenes, and a full interview. She is amazing with the camera. Does she have a background in photography and video production? Does she help you create what you do in your videos?

Love to you and your whole family and friends and fans and future fans as your harp revolution spreads around the world!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 06/30/2018

It's our radical Duet Harp Revolution! :D :D We're so glad that you enjoy our original songs! Thank you! We will definitely keep releasing our original music.

Thanks for enjoying our behind-the-scenes videos and for your input of what you would like to see in the future. We'll continue to upload fun extra content to Harp Twins Happenings. However, our mom doesn't like being on camera, so you likely won't see much of her. ;) ;) Our mom films our videos and we edit them. Our mom also takes most of our photos. She doesn't have a background in photographer or production. She is an artist, though, so she has a great eye!

Thanks for your support! Hugs, x2

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