Camille and Kennerly

Hi Camille and Kennerly, I like most music but prefer rock and metal, and was watching various cover versions on youtube one day and one of your songs came up on the suggestions. Interesting idea covering Metallica on the harp I thought, so gave it a view/listen and was hooked straight off (it was the Nothing Else Matters video by the way). Since then I have watched most (if not all) of your videos, and I've also bought all your cd's - I have them unsigned already, but signed copies of both Harp Fantasy cd's are now on their way to me in the UK to complete the signed collection as well - many thanks for these :-) Sadly I missed seeing you when you came over here recently, but should you come over again I will definitely try and get to one of the shows.

Anyway enough of my rambling, down to my question - once you find a track to cover how long does it take you from start to finish to sort out the arrangement, record the track and shoot and edit the video?

Camille and Kennerly responded on 09/01/2018

We're so glad that you found us and enjoy our music! Thank you! We're glad that you were able to find signed copies somewhere! We usually make autographed CDs available through our website during the holiday season, or sometimes along with the release of a new album. :) :)

It's difficult for us to know exactly how long it takes for each song because we're always working on many things at the same time - travel, performing, music videos, arranging, writing, etc. :) :) However, we can tell you that recording is very quick! We just record in our living room - no overlays or backtracks. Filming a video generally takes a few hours and we spend a couple of days editing in between our other work. :) :)

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