Camille and Kennerly

Do you listen to non convinal music, native american (R. Carlos Nakai? IZ from Hawaii? Folk music from around the world I don't have a lot of formal music education, but I LOVE all types of music. I like the bears in the bloopers for 500 Miles. You have talent that is the most important. My son lives in Aurora so next time I visit him I hope to be able to say HI. Thank you for bringing Harps to the masses.

I play tuba. if you cross the ocean and you hear a lonesome tuba thats me I single hand around the world.

Camille and Kennerly responded on 09/01/2018

We listen to a big variety of music, but our favorite genres are rock, metal and classic rock! We love nordic and folk music as well. :) :) We hope to see you at a future show!

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