Camille and Kennerly

Do you gave any plans to come to Arizona? The reason I'm asking is, well I do photo shoots from time to time with local bands here in Scottsdale. I have a couple places I have wanted to do something at and when I saw that video you two did at the Grand Canyon. I thought, wow if I could get you to come up to Sedona I have a couple places that would just be so awesome to do a video. My boss has a beautiful house up on a mountain right above the shops just before it drops down into Oak Creek. In winter you are right in the clouds during the storms and on the back patio you walk out and there is just the most beautiful mountain. Bring your mother and I have the best tripod for you that wont ever fall over and you will never break another camera. Check out my facebook page it's the one with the yellow Camaro.

Camille and Kennerly responded on 12/23/2018

Thanks for your support! We're not sure when we'll next be in Arizona, but we would love to perform there! Many of our public shows come from fans recommending us as performers, so please contact your local concert series, festival, fair, Comic Con, convention, university, community college, library, etc., and ask them to bring us in to perform :) :) Please stay tuned to our Facebook "events" for all public shows: And please also stay tuned to our email newsletter for announcements. Hugs, x2!

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