Camille and Kennerly

Hello, Dear Camille and Kennerly!

I want to say thanks for all your videos, so i love harp music like you both.

Wen you make HARRY POTTER (Hedwig's Theme), you show to J. K. Rowling yet?

Do you, (both too) know j. K. Rowling?

You (too) Need show the video HARRY POTTER (Hedwig's Theme) to J. K. Rowling, if not do yet that ;).

Of course i love Harry Potter.

Love your places were both make the videos, nature places, beautifull.

Thanks for your work harp nusic videos.

Camille and Kennerly responded on 12/02/2018

We're so glad that you enjoy our music and videos! Thank you! We don't have a way of sharing our arrangement of "Hedwig's Theme" with J.K. Rowling, but we would be honored if she saw it some day. ;) ;)

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