Camille and Kennerly

Since you always wear the same outfit, do you have to go shopping together, or does somebody just buy two? Have you ALWAYS dressed matching, or did you go through a phase when you didn't?
Also, where do you get your wonderful Nordic sweaters? I desperately need to explain my wardrobe to include more culturally appropriate winter wear (okay, the Finns aren't technically Nordic, but the vibe is similar)!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/09/2019

Yes, we always dress the same - it's our collective individuality. ;) ;) We went through a stage where we wore the same thing in different colors because other kids were making fun of us, but we eventually decided that we didn't care what other people thought. We're fine with being different together! P.S. Quite a few of our sweaters we've had since we were kids! We've found the others at little nordic shops!

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