Camille and Kennerly

Hey guys, your fan from the Marion, IA gig! "paulyoutdoors" Just wanted to tell you that I've been hitting up venues trying to get the word out that Minnesota NEEDS the Harp Twins to come here. We have the Marion Ross (Mrs. Cunningham from Happy Days) theater in Albert Lea, MN that would be amazing. They told me that you need to contact them for more details. You guys are the berries!!! My little 1 year old Kyle is still your biggest (and smallest dude) fan!!!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/09/2019

Hi Paul! Yes, we definitely need to perform in MN! Thanks for recommending us to your local venues! We'll try to look up the place that you mentioned. You're the berries! We hope to see you all again at a future concert!

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