Camille and Kennerly

Hi ladies! I’m Rick, I see you two are back online here. Loved seeing you in Pasadena~ missed out on meeting you two! I was so bummed! Glad to correspond with you. Do you think you’ll ever cover any of Zebra or Rush’s music? Do you two ever indoor or outdoor rock climb? Can’t wait to get my comics from you!

Camille and Kennerly responded on 01/08/2019

So glad that you enjoyed our show in Pasadena! Thank you! Hopefully we'll see you at a future show! We keep a list and try to cover the most requested songs/artists. We have a lot of new music coming, so please stay tuned! We don't rock climb. So glad that you're excited for Legend of the Shaders! We're hard at work on that project now and we're so excited for the release! :D :D

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